Europe faces a tough winter

106th of month,European Commission formally approves eighth round of sanctions against Russia,Its official website released a package of new sanctions。This round of EU sanctions against Russia not only includes many trade restrictions,It also sets a cap on the price of Russian oil purchased by third countries。

Since the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict,Multiple rounds of tough U.S. and EU sanctions on Russia have triggered a series of chain reactions。Several rounds of EU sanctions have had a big impact on Russia's economic and social development。But the EU itself cannot bear the pain of backlash against Russia sanctions。

for a long time,European Gas、Energy imports such as crude oil and coal rely heavily on Russia。Affected by factors such as the sharp reduction in the flow of natural gas from Russia to Europe,Europe in deep energy crisis,Rising gas and electricity prices fuel inflation,Unprecedented pressure on residents' lives and energy-intensive enterprise production。

Against the backdrop of soaring energy prices,Chemicals in Europe、Energy-intensive companies such as metals can only grit their teeth to live。Including electrolytic aluminum in large quantities、Refined Zinc、Related companies including fertilizers,Because it cannot afford the sudden increase in production costs,forced to cut production、even discontinued。Factory closures followed by waves of unemployment。The metals industry has sent a distress signal to the EU。recently,A group of European non-ferrous metals industry business leaders jointly sent an open letter to the EU,Hope for EU to take interim action,Addressing the high price of fossil fuel electricity,and suggested support for struggling companies。While the EU and even governments have pledged support,But how much support can be provided and for how long is still up in the air。

compared to business,Energy price hikes have a bigger impact on the lives of Europeans,Low-income residents suffer even more。Data from the European Energy Exchange show,The proportion of European residents' energy consumption in personal consumption expenditure has exceeded 10%,obviously high。Take Germany as an example,Home Gas Prices,Equivalent to about 3 times the price of industrial natural gas。High gas prices push electricity costs to unprecedented levels。Data Display,Electricity prices in most of Western Europe have reached over 600 euros per MWh,8 times that of the same period last year,And electricity prices may continue to rise this winter。Rising electricity prices sparked protests across the country。

recent months,To ensure a safe winter in Europe,EU pulls out all the stops to increase revenue and cut expenditure。Open source mainly from Nigeria、Qatar、Africa such as Israel、Middle Eastern countries import energy,and increase imports of liquefied natural gas from the United States,Diversify sources of energy imports、Diversification,At the same time vigorously develop and utilize new energy;Throttling is mainly to reduce energy waste,Improve energy efficiency in various ways。To solve urgent problems,The European Commission has also introduced mandatory power rationing、tax、Provide protection tariff、Emergency measures such as looser energy trading rules,Hope to use this to curb the rapid rise in energy prices。

The EU's unprecedented intervention policy, although necessary,However, it has little effect on filling the supply gap in the medium and long term.。Currently,The EU focuses on ensuring supply on the issue of energy shortages,Lack of strong grip on price stabilization,It also cannot effectively solve the inflation problem and people's livelihood problems caused by energy shortage.。While Germany and other European developed countries have begun to restart coal power、Traditional energy sources such as nuclear power,The EU's process of tackling climate change is not moving forward。

Severe energy crisis also exacerbates internal divisions in Europe。Due to the different degrees of energy dependence on foreign,EU member states remain divided over response to energy crisis。At a special meeting of EU energy ministers held recently,Most member states ask EU to set gas price cap,But it is difficult to agree on details。

a few days ago,Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economy Scijardo said in an interview with local public radio,Sanctions on Russia not only failed to bring Russia to its knees、no closer to peace,On the contrary, it is attacking Europe,This policy is a "complete failure" and "extremely hypocritical"。


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