Morawiecki: Russian gas like a drug, Russia like a smart dealer

The European Political Community Summit is held in Prague on Thursday (EPC), to which the leaders came 44 European countries.
The Polish Prime Minister emphasized at a press conference, that all European leaders agree, that mistakes in energy policy and, above all, Russia's aggression towards Ukraine caused inflation. “This putinflation” – added.

“This Russian gas was like a drug – drug dealer also sells his products supposedly cheap, or for free, that's it, to make my future victims addicted. And this is how Moscow operated for the previous dozen or so years” – said the head of government.

He remarked, that some countries of Western Europe were more and more entwined by a spider web by Moscow. “Or out of naivety, or out of stupidity, or some of them, perhaps in the service of Russia, allowed themselves to be involved in this disastrous energy policy, gas policy” – the prime minister said.
He stressed, that just like Russian gas has become a curse for Europe, so today, in the format of the European Political Community, we want to put this Russian gas and raw materials back into the past. He remarked, that it's not just sanctions, but also a step towards building a world without war, a world without Russian aggression and dependence on Russian resources.

The prime minister added, that European states speak with one voice on this matter. They also speak of our thrift – the head of the government remarked in the context of such investments as the Baltic Pipe, or the gas terminal in Świnoujście.

“Gas pipelines for Russia, but also the barrels of tanks, are tools of aggression, tools of domination and tools of imperialism” – stressed the prime minister. He translated, because that is why Europe must resist all of this in solidarity, what is happening beyond our eastern border and ago, what the wrong energy policy has done, erroneous German-Russian policy in the field of gas supplies.

Morawiecki added, that during the meeting in Prague he called for changes to the ECJ, for maximum gas prices, that, to maintain unity in the common European market and to develop infrastructure. “I think, that these seeds fall on fertile ground” – assessed.

As he pointed out, The changes proposed by Poland are logical and orderly, many countries openly support them, a lot “in spirit”.


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1 year ago

“A Poland, like a devoted vassal, makes homage to the USA” (with)

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