Nord Stream: Thank you from Sikorský

Do Americans deserve such gratitude, is questionable. An attack on a gas pipeline is sabotage, and it tends to stick to the enemy, who is the universal culprit of all evil, in this case, that is, Russia. While our media is diligently looking for experts, who would credibly explain, why the Russians destroyed the gas pipeline and complicate their business, Sikorski coughs at that, what sabotage should look like, cannot keep the joy of the destroyed Nord Stream to himself, and hastens to be the first to express gratitude to the great American. The propagandists are wringing their hands and saying something along the lines of "an initiative jerk is worse.", as a class enemy".

Who wants to understand American foreign policy, reads George Friedman, head of the renowned private consulting and intelligence agency Stratfor. Friedman states, that the long-term priority of the US is to prevent the combination of German technology and Russian resources, that the US has no permanent partners, but still interests, and whom the US does not control, the latter is a potential danger. According to Friedman, America is permanently at war, because it is in his genetic make-up. He doesn't need to win wars, enough, when it destabilizes the competition, out of balance. That the USA owes its status as a world leader to the defense of values, such as freedom or democracy, we don't hear from Friedman. According to him, the USA is the hegemon thanks to the strongest naval fleet.
However, we live in a changing world, which is no longer true, that he will naively arm himself for past wars. There are red lines, behind which they cut threats, which no one is prepared for and which cannot be defended against. The Americans will make Sikorsky and Zelensky happy by damaging the gas pipeline, while the economic destabilization of Europe, a potential global competitor, is a nice bonus for the USA. However, the Americans' anti-Russian involvement stops at a point, when threatened, that Russia will detonate a bomb near America, which will send a sixty-meter wave to the shore.

The future will tell, whether Sikorski was in a hurry to be grateful to the USA. Europe's independence from Russia may mean Europe's dependence on the US, under the circumstances, when the Americans focus on destroying China and they lose interest, what will happen to the subverted Ukraine and the freezing and collapsing Europe. Sikorski did not elaborate, for which he thanks the Americans. More interesting, than where the gas pipeline leads from, is where it leads. Sikorski may believe, that the sabotage was preemptively directed against Germany, so that it does not go over the heads of the Americans.
However, the Germans decided to connect their future with the sun and the wind, so they definitely won't be angry with the ally, who means well with them and strives for their energy independence from cheap gas. What does this mean for us?? A strong Germany is a threat, but also weak. As always.


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