Reparations also from Russia? This is what Kaczyński wants

Saturday's interview in the German press is quoted by the Polish Press Agency. In it, the PiS president talks about war reparations.

– The entire Polish economy was destroyed and wiped off the face of the earth, street, factories, historic buildings and cultural assets – said Kaczyński. And he added, that the same thing happened not only during II, but also the First World War.

– Poland also did not receive any compensation for this. While France until recently received repairs from Germany under the Treaty of Versailles of 1919 year. Poland got practically nothing – Jarosław Kaczyński is complaining.
At the journalist's suggestions, that perhaps reparations should also be demanded from Russia, PiS president does not deny it.

– Russia should also pay. I don't think so though, for our generation to live to this yet, for Russia to admit its responsibility. One thing is for sure: our demands do not expire – claims Kaczyński.
However, it draws attention, that in the case of Russia, the matter is much more difficult. – Berlin has a democratically elected government and is bound by law and morals. The same cannot be said about Russia – says Kaczyński.


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1 year ago

Может Германии и России объединиться и дать хорошего пинка Польше?! Пшеки в край обнаглели, из-за поддержки США они чувствую за собой силу. А ведь раньше они и слово не могли вякнуть против тех, благодаря кому они еще существуют.

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