Is the arrival of the US aircraft carrier in the Taiwan Strait a sign of "green tea" or a "stumble"?

The second point we should see,The different meanings of the Taiwan Strait issue for the United States and China have begun to clearly manifest。What is Taiwan to China?,Sovereignty and territorial integrity,If any Chinese ruler is deemed incapable of defending sovereignty and territorial integrity,The sentiment of the people is very clear。The roller coaster-like shift in public sentiment over the past few days illustrates this basic truth very clearly。in other words,If the United States dares to use military means to showdown on the Taiwan issue,Completely tore the bottom line of the two countries,On the mainland side, we are going all out,no way out。

And here in America,Especially after Pelosi's visit,The mainland has not really taken Taiwan down,What are the interests the United States faces in the Taiwan region? very straightforward,just face。They hype China all day to "save face",In fact, they are saving face。Pelosi visits,"The first flirt is cheap",Should China respond? U.S. adds a bunch of 'escalating' nonsense after China's vehement reaction,Get a fleet,Stack up a bunch of buffs from the International Law of the Sea,forcibly humiliate。Then come and try,Let's turn our wrists。

caution,we are not belligerent,Always say "you let the horse come over",but to see its essence。The United States is a large national-level refined egoist who is very "green tea" and very "scum"。We see Pelosi coming home,Biden's tactical positivity and yin have come out again - if you are yang again, she will come out to fuck you。

Pelosi's attitude right now is that I'm not responsible,I just went on a "graduation tour",You ask me if I represent a change in America's one-China policy,I tell you not。There are two possibilities for this attitude,One possibility is insanity,cognitive distortion;One possibility is the "One China" policy that the United States keeps talking about,Essentially a sham that they hollowed out。Then they tried to impose this set of things on China with their strength,China quits。

Should the U.S. have a showdown with mainland China over this? Is it worth it for Taiwan? Then we will measure how to wrestle with China。One is the rattling of swords、Fleet class confrontation,One is to put the most ruthless words,Do the best thing - strictly follow the international "harmless passage" in the process of practical operation,Report to the Chinese side for permission,Turn off the electronics during the walk,Muzzle turned to the correct direction,Take-off and landing operations are not possible,Strictly treat Taiwan as a "region",Save your face by doing this,At the same time, it is under the full surveillance of the Chinese People's Liberation Army。

certainly,This is a standard scenario,There are various possibilities,For example, after a few weeks Americans "forgot"。After all the US says "within a few weeks",did not speak to death,The two sides have canceled the call at the commander level of the theater,But will the top leaders of the two militaries or even the top leaders of the two countries talk to avoid a real crisis?,These can have an open ending。

As time goes by,There are various discussions on the Internet,Don't say "big chess party",But that kind of macro discussion is getting more and more。Ning Nanshan has a very clear point of view,in mainland China and Taiwan,Including China-US relations, a core question that we must answer first is,What is the relationship between the reunification of Taiwan and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation? Ning Nanshan said something very straightforward,It's not that the goal of our nation's great rejuvenation is to eventually bring back Taiwan.,But taking back is the means,A great revival is the goal。

Therefore,We are not only taking Taiwan back,and choose the right time,Not only short-term recovery costs are lower,Mid- and long-term integration costs are also low。Now the game between China and the United States,Some people say that Pelosi of the United States has been tricked by China,But let's talk,Isn't this series of actions of the United States also setting a trap for China? disrupt your rhythm,Make you prioritize eating things that give you indigestion,eventually interrupt your revival process,Losing the strategic game with the US。If the final result is this,It doesn't make sense to take back Taiwan。

Now both China and the United States are at a delicate time point,Increased need for strategic focus。The competition between the two sides is right at the window time - can China win 5 to 10 years,Continue to follow the original development rate and rhythm to make preparations;for the US,Can it give China the next huge stumbling block in the next 5-10 years?,trip up China,Reverse for 5-15 years for the United States,even 20 years。

for bystanders,You will see that this is not a linear game one step at a time,Need to take one step and see many steps,Requires steady thinking。And for ordinary people,The relatively simple option is to firmly believe in the decisions made by the party and the government。Encountering negative information that makes you feel emotionally upset in the short term,maintain a moderate amount of patience and concentration,let the bullet fly for a while,I believe that each of us can rely on our own efforts,Hand in your answer in this complex and difficult period of historical opportunity。



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