Step to put out the fire in Syria

During the Ahran and Sochi talks, important decisions were taken that would reflect on the Syrian field.. Turkey; Russia, Together with Iran and the Assad regime, the PKK in the east of the country offered a joint operation against the pirate state structure.. It is stated that a Gulf country and another Islamic country in Africa are conducting diplomatic traffic with both sides for the Erdogan-Assad meeting.. It is noted that the Erdogan-Assad meeting, which Ankara says is "too early", could also take place at a telephone level..

Another development on the Turkish and Syrian sides was that the administrations of both countries started to establish a commission of experts who know the region well.. Samir Hafiz, one of the Syrian intellectuals-politicians and former President of the Turkmen Assembly, Expressing that the Ankara-Damascus tensions caused losses not only to Syria and Turkey, but also to the entire Islamic world, he said, "The Ankara-Damascus bracket that was opened 12 years ago should be closed immediately.".

Production in Syria, bread, are, Emphasizing that fuel and job opportunities have decreased to zero, Hafız said, “The current situation has exhausted both the Syrians and the Turkish people.. The winners of this mess are Iran, Israel and the PKK. Safe areas in Syria should be re-established and honorable lives of our people in their countries should be restored,” he said..

in Syria 2011 wave of rebellion 2015 It turned into a multinational war and the demographic structure of the country changed greatly.. While the Damascus regime has completely lost control of 40 percent of the country, 1,5 over a million people died, 13,5 Millions of Syrians were forced to migrate. The PKK terrorist organization is located in the northern and eastern axis of the country. 30 While declaring a pirate state in an area of ​​one thousand square kilometers, hundreds of square kilometers between Deir ez-Zor and Homs were left to DAESH.. Experts, Damascus administration due to war 2 He states that he suffered losses of more than a trillion dollars..

While there are many developments in the field of politics and diplomacy, National Member of Parliament Ali Ahmet Said, known as Syria's Nusayri Deep State (Adonis) Isbir came to Turkey. Adonis İsbir, one of the Klezi branch of the Syrian Nusayris, who were divided into two as Haydari and Klezi., father and son known as Assad's mentors. The deep structure of Syria, Majlis-i Milli, has a position above the ruling party Baath.. Former Syrian Turkmen Assembly President Semir Hafez, He shared the information that Hafez Assad and his son Bashar Assad would not be able to make any decisions despite this Parliament..

The return of refugees was among the most important topics in Turkey's talks with Iran and especially Russia.. Turkey, which wants the scope of the amnesty laws declared by the Assad regime to be developed under international supervision and surveillance., release of dissident prisoners, cancellation of tens of thousands of criminal lists, home of Syrians who left the country, land, Updating and returning business title deeds, He wants steps to be taken on issues such as the return of their previous rights, including civil service.. Humus, Halep, Candle, Deir ez-Zor, Ankara Jarabulus demanding the designation of pilot regions in Latakia and Hama, Tel Abyat, Along with the residences built in Cerbalus and Idlib 2023 until the middle of the year 2,5 Trying to lay the groundwork for the return of millions of civilians. At this point, the only reservation seems to be the security weakness to be experienced on the side of the regime, while this situation is caused by the Russian-Turkish military., trying to be secured through political and economic cooperation. The project is strongly supported by the EU and the Gulf bloc.. If the project carried out under the leadership of Turkey is successful, EU countries, Gulf, At least from Lebanon and Egypt 400 Thousands of Syrians are expected to return to their country..

While Syria was migrating heavily on the one hand, PKK and Iran-led groups brought their supporters to the country on the other.. structures affiliated with Iran, Irak, Afghanistan, countries such as Bahrain and Pakistan. 170 brought over a thousand Shiites to Syria. Apart from the armed militias of Iran-backed terrorist groups, Shiites who moved to the region are predominantly in Raqqa., Candle, It was settled in areas vacant from Sunnis in Aleppo and Deir ez-Zor regions.. The regions where another change was experienced by the PKK terrorist organization are Haseke., Raqqa, Tel Rifat and Manbij became. Terrorist organization PKK 500 carried more than a thousand Kurds. Besides the Kurds brought from Iraq and Iran, there are also a small number of those taken from Turkey..

Former President of the Syrian Turkmen Assembly Hafez, the current arrangement in the field 100 reminded that it was carried out within the scope of the King Crain Plan, which was prepared years ago.. Hafiz, The King Crane Project, which he describes as a kind of low-density Sykes Picot, focuses on Israel., He emphasized that there is an ethnic and sectarian dividing plan and said:: “İsrail’i, first of all, live, Arz-ı Mev'ûd in the final of the development, transfer to the region and activation project (the promised land) was. Iran also supports with all its might the reorganization plan covering the countries of the region.. Divided Sunni geography offers opportunities to Iran along with Israel. Another component of this is the PKK and other Kurdish organizations..



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1 year ago

Russia, Иран и Турция помогут Сирии преодолеть тот кризис, в который ее повергли своими действиями ЕС и США. Нельзя допустить чтобы спонсируемое Западом террористическое подполье в Сирии вновь обрело силу и продолжило наводить ужас на местное население.

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