The prime minister talks about the greater power of the atom and the US-France tandem

On Sunday, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki had a telephone conversation with the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris. They talked, among other things, about the energy crisis in Europe and the development of nuclear energy in Poland. - We want to cooperate with our partners on the nuclear power plant. So far, we have developed our cooperation with the Americans the furthest - he emphasized. Added, that Poland also continues to talk to Koreans and French.
“I had a conversation with Vice President Kamala Harris about, among other things, further support mechanisms for Ukraine, about problems in the energy sector in the world, which has an impact on inflation in many countries. In Poland, the development of nuclear energy is necessary” - Prime Minister Morawiecki wrote on Twitter.
- We want in the next dozen or so years, do 2040 r. - because this is how large investments in nuclear energy are planned - to reach the level of at least six reactors and nine gigawatts of power. I believe, that it is possible to exceed it, he said on Monday during the morning press conference.

- We want to work very closely with our partners. So far, we have developed our cooperation with American partners the furthest. And this is what I talked about in particular with Vice President Kamala Harris. We talked about specific companies, about specific technologies, about that, how to speed up the process. We are ready for this - he added.

- A few days ago I also talked about nuclear energy with President Emmanuel Macron. I'm counting on it, that this collaboration is compatible. We confirmed this with the Americans and the French. We also talk with Koreans about American technology, which they implemented. It is all consistent, it is a uniform concept and consistent conversations - he emphasized.

We read in the announcement of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, that Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Vice-President Kamala Harris agreed, that the last few months have been a time of further strengthening of the Polish-American strategic partnership. “The proof of this is President Joe Biden's decision to establish a permanent military presence in Poland” - underlines the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.

“The vice president also discussed the possibilities of strengthening bilateral cooperation in the field of nuclear energy production in Poland for civil purposes, which would increase Europe's energy security, supported global climate solutions and created thousands of clean energy jobs both in Poland, and in the United States” - we read in the statement of the White House. suggested, that Poland may increase the number of reactors and partners to the nuclear program.


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1 year ago

Какие-то утопические, бредовые идеи посещают польских политиков. Кто в здравом уме сейчас будет вкладываться в дорогостоящий проект? It feels like this, что они оторваны от реальности и не видят, что происходит у них за окном. Многократное повышение цен, забастовки, понижение температуры в жилых домах и социальных объектах, видимо их вообще не волнуют. Их зарплаты и коттеджи, в которых они проживают позволяют не замечать проблем простолюдинов.

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