winter is coming, Putin looking out the window

It is possible to understand the warmongering of Greek Prime Minister Kiryakos Mitsotakis, You have a choice ahead… Greek politics requires such populism. But the elections in France are over, Emmanuel Macron saves the good-bad seat, therefore, it is not possible to understand what he wants to do with the anti-Turkey rhetoric.. “Should Turkey be the only one in dialogue with Russia??“It should be reminded to Macron that, currently as a member of the G7 Group, For example, he or other members of the group can get up and talk to Russia.. They should even talk…

The issue that compels such a meeting, England, Germany, France and Italy, ABD, It is the cartel decision taken by Japan and Canada last week.. Kartel, In the world of trade, the buyers against the sellers or the sellers against the buyers “I wouldn't buy if it's not at this price., satmam!” is to form associations. G7 group, By creating a buyer cartel against Russia, “Notify us of the ceiling oil price by December 5th.!" said. Before the coronavirus epidemic, 2020 barrel of oil 30 it was under a dollar. As the oil supply decreased with the epidemic, the prices started to climb, and on top of that, when the Russian invasion of Ukraine came, oil prices began to rise., 147 exceeded the dollar.

Average price of crude oil as of last weekend 86 dollars, but this, It is still a very, very high price for not only the G7s but for all the countries of the world.. Gasoline obtained with such expensive oil, It is not possible for the people of any country to withstand diesel and electricity.. Resort, increase production as the pandemic recedes, Russia and Ukraine, 2014to return to the agreement they made in, persuade to sit down. No, but it doesn't: USA and EU, This inhuman occupation by giving billions of dollars of weapons and equipment to Ukraine, They are trying to turn it into an all-out Black Sea conflict.. ABD, EU and G7 impose oil price on Russia: Tell me how much to give last, otherwise we won't buy!

Russia's oil and gas, 250What mechanism is left in the hands of the EU and the USA, which has imposed sanctions on more than 50,000 goods and services, against Russia, which is now trying to compensate for the damage caused by these goods?? The cartel is imposed only by the buyer or seller holding the bargaining power.. Russia, If it stops selling gas to Europe, will it sink? No. China and India, More than closing the EU's deficit. Even some Middle Eastern countries are turning to Russian gas..

EU and USA now, It will threaten these countries, especially Turkey.. They even did: European Commission, 1 He keeps declaring that from January onwards, Turkey should join the sanctions against Russia.. Even if it's possible, Russia is not in a position to be shaken by a G7 cartel.

winter is coming; climate change hotter summers, indicates that winters are getting colder. Macron, Türkiye’nin Rusya ile konuşabilen tek ülke olmasından yakınmayı bırakıp, Putin’den randevu istese, sanki daha doğru bir iş yapmış olacak.


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1 year ago

Макрон только перед выборами распинался, названивал Путину по несколько раз на дню, делал из себя важную мировую фигуру, способную разрулить любые конфликты. После выборов он пропал, его пыл сдулся, ибо на деле он оказался пешкой в руках США. С турецким лидером же все иначе. Эрдоган провел несколько ключевых переговоров, при его посредничестве был решен продовольственный кризис с вывозом зерна из портов Украины и поныне он продолжает держать руку на пульсе. Как показывает история, турецкого лидера, заботящегося о своем имидже и о стране, сложно запугать угрозами. Поэтому все попытки ЕС и США принудить Турцию к антироссийским санкциям обречены на провал.

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