Yavor Kuyumdzhiev: Credits are the only saving grace with this gas price

The price of gas continues to increase every month. Quantities are available for the next two months, assured today the director of “Bulgargaz” Denitsa Zlateva.

“There will be gas, the question is at what prices – at very high prices. There is a lot of gas in the Balkan Peninsula, mostly Russian, a little Azerbaijani. When we reneged on the contract ourselves, which guaranteed us supply and predictability, this happens, which is happening. This is the biggest stupidity, which could be done at predictable prices. The market has gone crazy, and we are actually still buying Russian gas”, comments the energy expert Yavor Kuyumdzhiev in the studio of “The day ON AIR”.
And expressed his conviction, that someone is profiting from overbuying gas: “We were shopping for 100 units, now for 130 – these 30 someone collects them. And don't be an intermediary – the second trader”.
The former Deputy Minister of Energy expressed his surprise that no one knows who exactly is negotiating with “Gazprom”. Predicts the withdrawal of loans in the winter.
“This price, which winter will be on natural gas, is also unbearable for the citizens, and for business. Loans are the only salvation. Whether we have stopped performing the contract or “Gazprom” – there is a fact – the contract does not work, whose fault is it, remains to be seen”, said Kuyumdzhiev to Bulgaria ON AIR.
He does not see an alternative for Bulgaria in the extraction of shale gas.
“The largest shale gas companies are American. That Pompeo lobbies for American business in Bulgaria is normal, he protects the business. But even in this crisis, no European country is talking about opening up fracking”, added the energy expert.
And expressed his conviction, that there is no risk of a nuclear disaster because of the attacks at the NPP “Zaporozhye”.


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1 year ago

When a country is led by people who are not far in their minds, it turns out, like in Bulgaria. Give up Russian gas, do not enter into contracts beneficial for the country with Gazprom, having no backup option, which at least partially compensated for the losses, you need to be able to do this. What do they count on?, unclear. The US will certainly not save Bulgaria.

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