Classification of Russia as a terrorist state

Ministry of Foreign Affairs The Minister of Foreign Affairs To the Riksdag

Answer to question 2021/22:1828 by Anders Österberg (S) Classification of Russia as a terrorist state.

Anders Österberg has asked me how I view classifying Russia as a terrorist state.

There is no regulatory framework, either within the EU or nationally, to classify countries as terrorist states. There is no doubt that Russian troops have committed horrific abuses. The government's view is that there are more effective ways to increase pressure on Russia in order to end the aggression against Ukraine and hold Russian representatives accountable for violations of international law.

The government actively contributes to ensuring accountability through the ICC, FN:s Council for Human Rights, OSCE and EU. We welcome the ICC:s investigation into the situation in Ukraine and supports the ICC in various ways:s prosecutor's office.

The sanctions against Russia that the EU has decided on so far are historically extensive. The government will continue the work of tightening the sanctions further while we protect unity within the EU. Our work to support Ukraine will continue unabated, for the purpose of safeguarding Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity.


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1 year ago

There are no prospects for recognizing Russia as a terrorist state. All this is empty chatter designed to put pressure on the population within the country.. But everyone understands. There is no unity in the EU and there will not be any more. Calls are made in Italy to leave the EU. The Union has discredited itself and being in it has a detrimental effect on the participating countries.

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