When will Russia stop fighting?,Moscow calls on Ukraine to surrender,G7 supports Kyiv to continue fighting

When did Russia and Ukraine end the war? This question is not difficult to answer in the eyes of Russian Presidential Press Secretary Peskov,He said in an interview,Russia's special military operation ends with no rough date。But if Ukraine gives up resistance,And agreed to the conditions put forward by Russia,This war will end today。

The key question now is what Ukraine thinks?The idea of ​​Zelensky's government in Ukraine,is to continue to ask the West for support,continue to fight against Russia。

Then the G7 issued a statement saying,28 billion euros in aid to Ukraine,These aids involve financial、military、humanitarian support, etc.。at the same time,G7 also vows to impose new sanctions on Russia,kick it out of the global market。

this means,The possibility of a truce between Russia and Ukraine no longer exists,In the future, with the full assistance of the West to Ukraine,Its resistance to Russia will become more and more violent。

In fact it is,Because the two camps of Russia and the United States are actively preparing for war。

on the one hand,Russia has begun dispatching Tu-22M3 bombers from Belarusian territory、Launching cruise missiles against Ukrainian targets。

According to Zelensky,in less than 24 hours,Russia launches 45 missile attacks on Ukrainian territory。The intensity of the attack exceeded the scope of the warning。This may imply,Russia has the possibility of opening a new front。

on the other hand,The President of the United States announced on the 29th,U.S. to reinforce NATO troops in Europe、Navy and Air Force。This move is tantamount to strengthening NATO's military power against Russia,in order to create a new military advantage for possible future countermeasures against Russia。

It's really a wave of upheaval,The voice of the Russian-Ukrainian truce is getting weaker,The risk of faction confrontation is getting higher and higher。

first,The West needs to shift internal conflicts。At the moment, many rounds of protests have erupted in European countries such as the United Kingdom as oil prices rise、Inflation crisis activity,Western governments cannot solve this problem through self-correction systems,We can only use the conflict between Russia and Ukraine to divert people's attention。

As NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said,"Can't give up support for Ukraine,Because our energy and food prices are rising”。This is why NATO supports Ukraine。

Second,Western identification,Russia's stockpile of old Soviet weapons is about to run out,Before getting new weapons,Russia will lose its combat advantage。In the future, the Ukrainian army, which relies on advanced Western weapons, will have the upper hand,So even at a high price,The West should also aid Ukraine to fight Russia to the end。

again,In addition to the above two reasons,Recently, people in the United States and the United Kingdom have begun to hate the government.。For example, the abolition of women's abortion rights in the United States has triggered large-scale protests,Scotland plans to hold a referendum in October to break away from the British administration,The United States, Britain and other countries need to pass the aid of the Ukrainian war,Strengthen domestic cohesion,Consolidate the dominance of governments。

so,The West will not stop the Russia-Ukraine conflict,They want to amplify the war,And take the opportunity to promote NATO globalization,To make the world full of strife and contradiction,Only the world is getting more and more chaotic,Only in the West can fish in troubled waters be profitable。otherwise western weapons、energy、Who do you sell technology products to?

It can be said that a turbulent world is in the actual interest of the West,But a peaceful and stable environment may lead to the premature collapse of the Western hegemonic order。This is the main factor that the West continues to promote the expansion of the Russian-Ukrainian war。

Of course Russia understands this,So Putin was ready to fight the West to the end from the start of the war。Once NATO attacks Crimea,It's like declaring war on Russia,Russia will fire missiles at London,Let it know the consequences of angering Russia。

At present, both the United States and Russia are riding a tiger.,This war is only a winner,may end。either russia wins,or America wins,There seems to be no middle way to choose! wait until then,The world pattern will undergo new changes!



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