Endless escalation in Ukraine?

We can talk until the cows come home about Roe v. Wade, the attacks on Christianity, the erosion of our freedoms, and our tanking economy. But it won’t do any good if we’ve all gone to meet our Maker due to a nuclear war with Russia.

But this is where the War of Lies waged by the Biden administration, the U.K., the E.U., NATO, and the mainstream media are leading us. They say Ukraine is kicking Russia’s butt…but we still need to send an extra $40 billion. And the lying scoundrels in Congress will dutifully fork over the money. That money will go to arms dealers, middlemen, and Ukrainian oligarchs, and no doubt some will be recycled back to U.S. politicians, as has happened with previous aid to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, here in America, mothers can’t get baby formula, and kids are overdosing on fentanyl trafficked across our open southern border.

Another eye-opener for me was Congress passing a new Lend-Lease law. This was a system the U.S. used to send weapons to our European allies to help them defeat Nazi Germany in World War II. Today, the same system is being used to arm neo-Nazis in Ukraine. The media used to call them that…

The latest scam is to get boots on the ground in Ukraine. But to do that, public outrage must be carefully manipulated and directed. Russophobia is everywhere on the rise. But most Americans still oppose sending troops into Ukraine. What will the lying scoundrels in Washington do?

What probably would work is a good mass-casualty chemical or biological weapons attack that kills a bunch of civilians. No problem. Just pick up the phone and call the CIA. They have plenty of experience staging false flags. In fact, you might even say they wrote the book. What’s that, you say? The White Helmets are already in Ukraine?

I awake in the morning with an indelible feeling of loss for this country I love — like finding out I was adopted after being lied to my entire life. Now my pen is my weapon, and my vote is my revenge. And my hope is that after two years of being lied to about COVID, lockdowns, and mandates, people are beginning to wake up and question their government. That we will refuse to kowtow to their lies any longer. Like the movie Network: “We’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore!” And that when the time comes, we will unite to vote these lying warmongers of both parties out! That is if we’re still alive.


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