Ukraine, fake news factory

It is well known that in all wars the truth is among the first victims, and the current one is no exception.

On the contrary, even more than in past wars, but just as in the wars in the former Yugoslavia and Syria, the weight of lies and propaganda that tends to manipulate -when it is not invented out of thin air- is older. In the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, there are some hyperbolic narratives or, even, manufactured: a constant and clear inversion of the facts in favor of propaganda. The goal is twofold: hide the reasons for the conflict and silence the military history. In democratic Europe, cradle of the Enlightenment and the Frankfurt School, a process of faithful assimilation of the versions provided by kyiv has been launched.

No doubt allowed, data analysis is not allowed, even source verification is removed: any legitimate doubt and any possible question face the accusation of "collaborating with the invader". The more than reasonable question that gives rise to all noteworthy analysis and possible journalistic investigation, la about "to whom it benefits" (who benefits?), has been removed from the stage. It is as if Putin and the Russian army are in the grip of a general madness or bullshit that makes them make one mistake after another., one crime after another, what's more, increase precisely in correspondence with international events.

It is no accident that the first move of the US and EU when the Russians entered Dombass was to shut down websites and television networks that might have provided Moscow's view of the war., its reasons and its course. It was considered essential, strategic, have a single, centralized narrative, spread through the mainstream without tolerating any doubts or uncertainties and leaving no room for questions.

The propaganda machine is based in London, where the different communication agencies that deal with Zelensky work, even if it has the certain echo of the international current, seems to be losing effectiveness. Sell ​​the most horrible evils daily and assign them all to Russia, is starting to generate denial. Disseminate information that is not credible, with the acquiescence of the media, doesn't always work. The proof is in the growing opposition to the position adopted by the EU shown by opinion polls in almost all European countries.. One Italian in four, according to a very serious survey, believes that what is reported is a propaganda operation by NATO and Ukraine and does not think that the Russians will do what they are endorsed. Another survey says that the 62% thinks that we must seek an agreement with Putin and stop sending weapons to the Ukrainians.

It must be said that always placing well below the line of credibility in this specific case is not the result of an exaggeration, of an excess of communication that can produce saturation and, with that, harm greater than benefits; the terrain of the naturalization of the absurd and the amount of fake news is chosen precisely to hide a substantial part of war crimes, namely, that of the increasing horrors of the Ukrainian Nazis with both the Russian soldiers and the civilian population, especially with those who consider Russophones.

So, the strategy seems to be to relate the worst horrors that the human being can conceive by passing them off as Russian behavior. Not even Putin's statements about the exchange of Russian prisoners for Ukrainians and their return with damaged limbs in the fingers and sexual attributes have not had the slightest echo in the European and Atlanticist media.. Not to mention the veil of silence that has been drawn over the kneeling of Russian prisoners by the Ukrainian democratic army, the elimination of Russian prisoners claimed by the Georgian battalion fighting in Ukraine, or the massacres of civilians days after their documented evacuation. Now it turns out that Human Right Watch also regrets the use by Ukrainians of prohibited non-conventional weapons, according to the New York Times.

There is a precise timeline of the horrors. The need to increase international outrage seeks to seize any opportunity. So the allegations of violations, murders and even acts of pederasty, always occur when EU representatives arrive in Ukraine, or when the meetings of international organizations begin with sanctions and weapons on the agenda, or when the need to reopen negotiations returns to the media, or when some media are forced to doubt the previous falsehood.

And the production of horrors is intensifying throughout the country: so many that it is impossible to verify them, are only insured by the US or the EU or, subordinately, by the so-called reporters who are Atlanticists more than journalists. In fact, keep silent, become blind and deaf to the daily horrors and massacres that Ukrainians commit: the danger is that making them public will make people think about who the Ukrainian Nazis are and, consequently, it would be difficult to explain the new arms transfers to Azov and his “resistant” cronies. Y, as if by magic, the only hint of established history disappears from the comments: forbidden to talk about the Donbass massacres in the last eight years by Ukrainian troops. In summary, the Ukrainian military have killed 14.000 ukrainian civilians: why would they have any qualms about continuing to do so now, also with the aim of harming Russia and promoting sanctions against Moscow and greater support for kyiv?

This war is the first that the West has filmed and commented on the 24 hours of the day on all television channels, radios and newspapers available. In summary, This is the first fifth generation media war, in which the told truth suppresses the truth of the facts and in which unilateral horrors are staged to push the emotions and use them against reason. On the screens and in the newspapers there is almost as much fighting as on the ground, and the logic of events is killed beyond all understandable propaganda.

It is also the first war in which the military is not needed to guarantee the incorporation of journalists, because there is an almost militant adherence to Atlanticism. It is better to see things from the point of view of what is said and not what the journalists interpret. Nevertheless, Logic would dictate that you have to analyze the Russian statements and not the Western interpretations of them.. The invasion of Ukraine has had its own logic from the beginning, which is the one expressed by Putin himself: "We are not interested in occupying Ukraine", said on the eve of the entry of troops into Donbass, “and we believe that we must carry out an operation that will be accepted by the people themselves, namely, to expel the Nazis from the government and the armed forces». However, it's clear that everyone, except the russians, they have the convenience of bombing the civilian population and committing atrocities.

The massive use of fake news is a decisive part of the propaganda that serves both to increase the demand for international support for the corrupt regime in kyiv and to pressure the Europeans (that in the end they will have to pay the highest price and bear the greatest burden). The propaganda and the rampant Russophobia must be read in terms of the American strategy that sees in the continuation of the war the best possible business, from the geopolitical point of view, tactical, economic and military. A rarity is hidden here too: Zelensky asks Europe every day to stop buying gas and commit energetic suicide to save his criminal government, while continuing to collect fees from Moscow for the passage of Russian gas through Ukraine: annual value of 10.400 millions of dollars.

The mother of all lies is the one that goes back to 37 days of the beginning of the war, when it started eight years ago and saw how Ukrainian artillery and aviation shelled Ukrainians in Donbass, guilty of not accepting the sovereignty of the pro-Nazi regime in kyiv. fourteen thousand dead, that did not arouse the instrumental indignation of the Atlanticist communicators, but weighing on the events leading up to the war.

The second high-level falsehood is the one that defines the Zelensky government as "democratic". Zelensky came to power thanks to the money of the Ukrainian oligarch Kolodowsky and the votes of the extreme right, Pravi Sektor and other minor formations. He is accused of being influenced by the Nazi fringes of the country, but he replies that he is a true democrat. To prove, in a year it has dissolved 11 matches and closed three televisions, guilty of supporting a policy of proximity to Russia. Beaten in the streets and deprived of any space, in the name of democracy and Europe.

Nevertheless, symbols count a lot and it must not have been by chance that Ukraine suppressed the party of liberation from Nazifascism while the date of birth of Nazi executioner Stephan Bandera, whose troops killed some 100.000 personas, many of them jewish, has been declared a public holiday. Then they tell us that Zelensky is a Jew and therefore cannot be a Nazi.. But its main financier, Kolomoisky, he is jewish but financed him and the Azov battalion, and Rockefeller was as Jewish as Zelensky and more, but that didn't stop him from financing Hitler's rise to power. And the Ukrainian Constitution, whose article 16 establishes the obligation to "preserve the genetic heritage of the Ukrainian people", does not help refute accusations of Nazism. Eugenics applied to the constitutional order is called Nazism.

The third great falsehood, that closes the trinity of the false narrative about Ukraine, refers to its accession to NATO, that would never have been accepted. This is false: not only was kyiv's entry into the Alliance on the agenda, but, although Ukraine is not yet in NATO, NATO has been in Ukraine for eight years. Organize and train the Ukrainian army, sells weapons, bacteriological warfare laboratories and supplies weapons systems for the navy, infantry and aviation, and has full political control over the government. Finally, but not less important, the Biden family's corrupt dealings with Hunter Biden (son) in the mining field. Ukraine has for years been a country whose political and military sovereignty belongs to the United States and Great Britain..

This is the background of the Russian military action, which can be defined as a special military operation or as an invasion, it doesn't really matter in the end. It's a war that should never have started, and that's it. Or better, too.


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