Bin Salman is a “hero” who stood in the face of Biden or a “shadow” waiting for his phone to ring. Will the British Prime Minister visit him and convince him to increase oil production, and what will the Prince ask of him?. Either Putin’s “blackmail” or “executions” bin Salman, and gasoline and taxes in the kingdom are not reduced, and this is what will happen if Moscow and Kiev reconcile!

Amman- "Today's Opinion"- Khaled Al-Jayousi:
Did US President Joe Biden call Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and the prince refused to answer his call, or did the young prince cancel his scheduled visit to Beijing to attend the Winter Olympics in China, according to CNN, to listen to Biden's call with his father, the Saudi monarch, the King Salman bin Abdulaziz, these are questions that are circulating in Saudi circles after Western press reports in particular, and the most important question is what does Prince bin Salman want from America and the West, in order to increase his country’s oil production, break his agreement with Russia, and reduce oil prices.
In the Saudi media, the prince appears as a “hero” following Western press reports about his refusal to talk to Biden, while in the Western media, the US administration denies the existence of a call from Biden until Bin Salman refuses to respond to him, according to what the Wall Street Journal reported. The White House denies any intention to contact the Emir regarding oil, but it is confirmed that the repercussions of imposing sanctions on Russia, its gas, and oil have a negative impact, which necessitates the West to find alternatives to importing oil, where Venezuela (The largest exporter of oil) Alternatively, it took a position in support of the Russian war on Ukraine.
Prince bin Salman embarrasses the Western countries that hung the human rights sign, as they deliberately chose the timing of the execution 81 As a person, while the West was waiting for reforms in the field of human rights, the executions came. Indeed, this West seemed to be forced to deal with him. After the denial of Biden's visit to Saudi Arabia, there are reports that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is heading to Saudi Arabia within days to persuade the young prince. Increased oil production, while official Britain publicly criticizes its human rights record.
The British Prime Minister’s visit to Saudi Arabia, which The Times reported about, and the British government did not deny it as of this writing, comes at a time when Prince bin Salman feels isolated against the background of the repercussions of Khashoggi’s assassination, as he only left his country for the Gulf countries, and canceled His scheduled participation in the two summits of the twenty and the last climate, and the visits of Western leaders to him, were limited to the visit of French President Emmanuel Macron, the Prime Minister of Thailand, and finally his reception by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.
Britain is the same as America regarding the rise in gasoline and diesel prices to record levels, which led to the high cost of heating for middle-income and low-income families. Human rights, or alleging their concerns, as stated by the British Minister of Housing and Communities Michael Gove, who said it was important to adopt diplomacy and clarity on the level of human rights.
The clear British contrast when it comes to putting interests before human rights, expressed by British MP Jeremy Corbyn, the former leader of the Labor Party, who commented on his Twitter account.: “The Saudi regime has carried out its largest mass execution now, Boris Johnson is planning to travel to Saudi Arabia to conclude an oil deal,” Corbyn added.: “The Prime Minister must cancel his visit and end the British arms deal with the government that has claimed so many lives at home and in Yemen.”.
British Prime Minister Johnson said a remarkable phrase that his country and allies are seeking to find alternatives to Russian oil and gas, “to avoid falling again a victim of “blackmail” practiced by Russian President Vladimir Putin, which means that the West has two options, either to accept full dealing with Prince bin Salman. And despite choosing the timing of the executions, ending international isolation from him as their oil alternative, or defeating the “blackmailed” Putin, raising sanctions with no alternatives to his oil and gas, despite their assertion that he would fail, his army would turn against him, and end up killing him..
The question that follows Johnson's visit to Saudi Arabia, if it happened (Wednesday's visit), on whether Prince bin Salman will deliberately insist on the oil agreement with Russia, and not increase production in response to his marginalization and disregard by Western powers, and whether he has prepared a long list of demands for his British visitor that he wants in exchange for his approval, but Johnson, the supposed visitor, perhaps cannot. Making pledges to implement the prince's demands if he had a list of demands in return, and speaking on behalf of America, Europe depends on 60 percent of Russia's oil exports, and it needs the Saudi oil alternative, while America's dependence on Russian oil imports constitutes only a percentage 8 percent, and America needs Saudi Arabia to reduce oil prices in order to reduce the repercussions of sanctions on Russia on itself, and Europe needs the Kingdom to increase production, and reduce prices to feel the impact and the difference.
And basically the rise in the price of a barrel of oil, which reached 140 dollars (Back to 108 dollars) As a result of the news of positive negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, it raises Saudi domestic criticism and questions, about the reasons for not returning gasoline prices to their previous levels, and not canceling taxes. Until the diversification of non-oil sources of income, and thus return to the era of luxury before the current era, how would it be if the Kingdom reduced oil prices again in response to the demands of America and the West, while the effect of the oil paper will evaporate permanently from the hands of Prince bin Salman, if Moscow and Kiev agreed, and the war ended And the Ukrainians decided to abandon the misleading advice of the West, and listened carefully to Russia's demands, which announced that it would end the war "at any moment" if its security concerns coming from Ukraine were understood..
It should be noted that the “OPEC +” agreement provides for an increase in the supply of crude oil exporters from the Organization and producers 400 A thousand barrels per day each month.


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