Wang Fan:Ukraine crisis will be a series

The Ukraine crisis seems to have come to a conclusion with the end of the Russian-White military exercises and the military mobilization of the Russian army,But the Ukraine crisis is far from over,It's still just a comma,instead of a period。it will be a series and not a one-act play。The spillover effects of the Ukraine crisis will continue to ferment。

first,U.S.-Russian differences remain。Russia submits draft security deal to U.S. on Ukraine situation,The United States also gave preliminary answers。Russia emphasizes,U.S. and NATO partially respond to Russian security concerns。but,Russia's real security concerns,The problem of NATO's eastward expansion,didn't get a response。Lavrov said,Russia will continue to seek answers from Western countries on Russian security issues。obviously,This process is no easy task,May experience a series of diplomatic haggling,even a marathon negotiation。Because Russia and NATO、America's position on this most central issue is contradictory,The United States and NATO are trying to use NATO's eastward expansion as the biggest bargaining chip to contain Russia,How could they give up so easily? Moreover, Russia is not a country that will make unprincipled concessions.。

Second,The Ukraine crisis was deliberately created by the US。The Ukraine crisis itself is another bargaining chip for the US。U.S. won't care about Ukraine's feelings。chips are chips,is disposable。Emergency moment,Zelensky invites Biden to visit Ukraine,Biden categorically refuses。If there is no crisis in Ukraine,How Russia is Checked and Balanced,How NATO can further achieve cohesion,How was "Beixi-2" stopped? what is has been confirmed is,The United States will also create a series of unstable incidents in Ukraine,"Russian invasion of Ukraine" is just a rhetoric designed by the United States for Russia to threaten Ukraine's security,There will be other versions of the Ukraine crisis,For example, Russia will instigate the Russian version of the "color revolution" in Ukraine,This kind of news has spread like wildfire。

third,The Ukraine crisis is not an isolated event in Russian-Ukrainian relations,It will bring the effect of "Xiao Wu" seeing "Big Wu"。Ukraine crisis is not Russia-Ukraine crisis,It's the crisis in US-Russian relations。and,Ukraine crisis has knock-on effects,Pull the whole body,It is likely to bring about geopolitical chaos and changes in Eurasia,Potential for a new global power mix,At the same time, in the context of the epidemic that is still raging, the consequences for the European economy and the world economy are even worse.。

fourth,America will continue to profit from the crisis。The Ukraine crisis is an opportunity and means for the United States to profit,It will take advantage of the fisherman's profit in this crisis event far from American soil that he directs。America Gives Little, May Get Much。Re-arming of a mere thousands of NATO military personnel,Use propaganda tools to create public opinion offensive,would have the effect of causing chaos on the European continent.。The U.S. is clearly in a position to get the crisis under control,Don't get burned。Even if Ukraine is really at war,Can't burn America。What's more, the U.S. has a good image of a responsible power in its posture.。in addition,Not only does America want chaos in Europe,I also hope that there will be chaos in the Indo-Pacific。Let other countries be at a loss in the chaos,chaotic and disorderly,Only the United States has the opportunity to play the image of "savior"。It can be seen from this,War in Eurasia,Exactly what America expected。Eurasia is getting more chaotic,The more America can fish in troubled waters。from this angle,From European chaos to European governance is no easy task。

therefore,Ukraine crisis shows signs of abating,But everything is changing,is also reversible。Seize this fleeting window of opportunity,All parties need extremely high diplomatic wisdom。(The author is the vice president of China Foreign Affairs University)


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