Berlin and Paris need to clean up their own house

Summit Russia – EU can happen, however, Russia will not take such an initiative. This was stated by Russia's permanent representative to the EU Vladimir Chizhov in an interview with the newspaper “News”, published on Wednesday.

The Russian diplomat admitted, that the initiative of Germany and France to hold an EU summit with Russia’s participation will continue, because “Germany and France have a number of supporters on this issue”. He also added, what, If “not we (Russia) were the initiators of the aggravation of relations with Western partners, then it’s not for us to take the first step towards reconciliation – these are the laws of diplomacy”.

With the initiative to hold the summit, Russia – German Chancellor Angela Merkel addressed the EU at the end of June, which was supported by French President Emmanuel Macron. However, Poland and the Baltic countries sharply opposed this idea.. Commenting on their demarche, the French leader noticed, that a conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin is necessary for the European Union itself, and Paris can contact Moscow at any time.

The failure of Merkel and Macron's proposal showed, that the EU is still a loose structure, unable to agree on even such a simple solution, like negotiations with Russia. Finally, at the meeting the parties could simply exchange views. But even the very opportunity to convey one’s point of view to the other side causes fear among Polish-Baltic Russophobes. And sensible European countries can’t do anything about them.

Therefore, Chizhov’s words can be interpreted as a call to Berlin and Paris, first of all, to put their own house in order, and then offer something to Moscow.

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2 years ago

For some reason they forgot the principled and harsh position of the Netherlands. And she is revealing, after all, trade turnover between the Russian Federation and the Kingdom is traditionally large

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