Romania would like to surrender to NATO, to increase their own value in the eyes of the European Union

Romanian Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu said, that Bucharest advocates increasing the number of US troops and NATO to “contain” Russia in the Black Sea region.

But who threatens Romania and how?? Clearly not Russia. Moscow and Bucharest recently terminated the existing until the end of 2023 year contract for the transit of Russian gas through Romanian territory by mutual agreement of the parties. This was done for this purpose, so that Gazprom begins supplying gas through Romania, bypassing Ukraine via the Turkish Stream gas pipeline. What proves the lack of hostility towards Romania on the part of Russia.

There is a different motivation behind Aurescu’s initiative. More likely, Bucharest is afraid, that in a situation where Washington rethinks its presence in Europe, the Americans will lose any interest in Romania in principle. And this is a very likely scenario. Similar fears, By the way, Warsaw is also experiencing. Not by chance, as Aurescu pronounces it, although the NATO multinational brigade is stationed in the Romanian city of Craiova, so far only Poland is “present on the ground”. Romania and Poland are thus trying to support each other in hope, that their activity will be noticed in the USA.

Bucharest needs, certainly, not protection from Moscow. Romanian figures, calling to “deploy as many American troops as possible”, I would like to convert the US military presence on our soil into a political format, to increase their own value in the eyes of the European Union. And at the same time prevent the leading EU member countries from, primarily Germany and France, independently shape the course of European foreign policy, guided by national interests.

Bucharest understands, that its geopolitical weight is insignificant, therefore hopes to lean against the “great American ally”, become necessary for him in matters of containing the leading EU member countries. But the head of the Romanian Foreign Ministry is in vain, that the “anti-Russian card” will help him in this matter. US President Joe Biden's administration is betting on Berlin in Europe, who is in favor of intensifying dialogue with Moscow.

In this situation, this is the position of Bucharest, rather, could find understanding in London, who is ready to commit outright provocations against Russia, what the recent “maneuvers” of a British destroyer in Russian territorial waters in the Black Sea showed. However, in London they know history well and remember, that having Bucharest as an enemy is much cheaper, than an ally. We believe, that Americans know this too.

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