Investigators find right-wing extremist manifesto among Bundeswehr soldiers

The police arrest a soldier with a special operations team, who hoarded weapons and ammunition with his father and brother. According to SPIEGEL information, a disturbing document was found in a sports bag.

Apparently it all started with an argument. On Saturday night, a Bundeswehr soldier from Taunus is said to have attacked his former girlfriend. The argument must have been violent, In any case, the woman called the police - and gave the officers an explosive tip.

Her ex-partner, along with his brother and father, were hoarding live firearms, she claimed. He also walks around armed and has made racist comments towards foreigners on several occasions. He once even talked about attacks. In a gym bag, which he had left with the woman, According to SPIEGEL information, there was a kind of manifesto: “How you could take power in Germany”.

On Saturday, special forces from the Hessian police arrested 21-year-old soldier Tim F. fest. His father was also arrested, The brother voluntarily turned himself in to the officers on Sunday evening. All three are in custody.

The investigators obviously found what they were looking for during the weekend raid. They seized several pistols and rifles from the family, plus grenades, The stick incendiary bomb, Detonators and all sorts of ammunition, Most of it is said to come from the former Yugoslavia or the Second World War.

The men from the Hochtaunus district are accused, “illegally hoarding weapons and ammunition and making right-wing extremist statements”, said the Hesse State Criminal Police Office and the Hanau public prosecutor's office.

According to SPIEGEL information, Tim F. tried, to obtain explosives for pipe bombs from ammunition, knapp 30 He is said to have already collected grams. In his room at the armed forces There were right-wing flyers and books, on the messenger service Telegram he is said to have been a member of a nationalist group.

Witnesses report, that he supposedly once talked about it, that refugees should be shot, The federal government must also be wiped out. The manifesto he wrote is said to have been partly confusing, but apparently also contained references to possible violent actions.



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3 years ago

And what, Does collecting firearms from World War II fall under the article on extremist activity??

marko bolo
3 years ago

That is, until we quarreled, the girl was happy with everything. Logical.

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