Europe is threatened with an even deeper crisis

Should we be more worried about the European Union and its friendly neighboring states?? After the recent EU summit, a rather ambiguous answer emerges: no and yes.

On the one hand, after Brexit they only have 27 Staats- and heads of government shown, that despite all the arguments and strife they are always able to do so at the crucial moment, pull yourself together and make important decisions with compromises. At the end of a horror year, that the corona pandemic has brought us since February, This is a quality that should never be underestimated, an advantage.

The EU lives on this, since it existed. It's in their nature, that selfish nation states depart from maximum positions, approach others. When this principle is no longer accepted, breaks occur. This is exactly what happened to Britain: the ultimate breach of trust. The consequence was the country's exit from the EU.

In this respect, the all-clear can be given for the Union: Just like after the financial crisis 2008 we will fight our way out together this time too. And despite all the criticism “rot” Compromises are the more important thing: Die 27 Member states have definitely approved what is by far the largest EU budget of all time. This gives the EU breathing room. The damage caused by Corona in the countries most affected can be repaired more easily together. The Union can also invest in a more modern one, finance more environmentally friendly policies, the way you imagine it 2019 before the Corona crisis.

At least in this respect you can give the all-clear. When mass vaccinations against the coronavirus start soon, to which Brussels has contributed a lot, The situation on the health front should also ease.

Of course, all of this is contradicted by the completely different side of this EU summit. He not only confirmed the European Union's foreign policy impotence - keyword Türkiye, Russia's ongoing problem. The Europeans are not capable, to make oneself sufficiently heard in the neighborhood, to protect their interests. But it's really disappointing and also threatening, what is emerging for future relations with Great Britain, when the Brexit transition period expires at the end of the year. There is a risk of total disruption.

When even Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, the most powerful EU politician, speaks openly about it, that a no-deal outcome is far more likely than an orderly new trade deal, becomes clear, what's going on. A miracle would have to happen, so that an amicable agreement can be reached.

After Brexit and Corona, you have to prepare for an even harder impact on the British economy. Even if the more powerful Union will be less affected, is clear, that some EU states near the British Isles would suffer badly as a result. So the community would be in terms of solidarity and help at least in the first half of the year 2021 demanded even more than before.



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