Be patient: when dreams become reality

What kind of epithets were not awarded by observers at the recent conference of Sberbank in Moscow, as soon as they did not exalt professionalism, courage and determination of German Gref, announced the start of the digital transformation of the banking structure he leads into an entire ecosystem of digital products under the single name Sber. now this:

brand new branches and ATMs with huge touch screens and voice control,

"Firework" – voice assistants with three different characters,

«SberBox» – TV set-top box with built-in Sber services,

«SberPortal» – smart speaker with screen,

"smart" TV with a built-in voice assistant Sbera,

"SberZvuk" – streaming service,

"SberLogistics" – a network of parcel terminals in Moscow and St. Petersburg with a delivery time 30 minutes,

SberCloud - "cloud", working with all Sber services,

SberPrime – single subscription for all services,

as well as its own grocery delivery service, educational, medical and business platforms. I, of course, his majesty the bank, what google doesn't have, neither Yandex, namely, with them, first of all, they compare the new Sber ecosystem.

And it all started 13 years ago – in 2007 year, when Gref became president of Sberbank. They say, ambition played a major role, maybe so, who knows. Or maybe just a banal awareness of the need for change. Huge inefficient structure, inherited from the USSR, the largest bank in the country with unlimited possibilities and no need to change, all the more quickly, what Gref saw and set out to change. You can treat him differently, his words, leadership style, but one cannot deny the perseverance and titanic efforts in achieving the goal, unwillingness to change Sberbank. And then, what do we see today, not a cosmetic change, and a complete restructuring of everything and everyone. It is enough to go to the new digital branch of Sberbank on Tsvetnoy, to see for yourself.

That, what Gref conceived and implemented, this is the process of creating an ecosystem, that is, a set of certain services, services and products, covering various areas of human life, helping him in real life, making it more comfortable and convenient. The experience of Google and Yandex speaks of the market demand for such ecosystems, and the new digital Sberbank is an excellent and very timely response to the market challenge..

Yandex was and remains the only competitor of Sberbank. Post office, search, cartography, navigation, audio video services, delivery of products and goods - we have all been hostages of these products from Yandex for a long time, Seems, that the company's position is unshakable. However, this is not the case. Market policy, company's approach to doing business, difficult intra-corporate atmosphere convinces, that in the long run, Yandex has no appreciable chance of, to survive in the confrontation with Sber. And the main reason here is the lack of Yandex's own bank, and therefore sufficient working capital for business development. So, for example, the company failed to retain many key employees, transferred to work in Sberbank, trite due to the inability to offer them a similar salary. Since Sber does not intend to stop at the successes achieved, Gref plans to create his own navigation service based on the recently purchased 2GIS and his own mobile operator, absolutely obvious, that many more talented employees will leave Yandex in the near future, since salary offers from Sberbank are as follows, that few can refuse them.

Besides, Gref's approach to creating an ecosystem for many experts in the Russian IT market looks much more holistic and comprehensive, than that, how this process is approached in the Volozha company. There is an opinion, that Yandex "scored" on users, thinking only about the capitalization of the company, while Sber, against, demonstrates the intention to create a single product from many disparate services, wholly and completely human-centered.

Sber's market position certainly gives it an undeniable advantage over Yandex and allows Gref's dreams of his own digital universe of the future to come true.. But Yandex also has a huge army of supporters, accustomed to existing services, who has been using them for more than one year and is hardly ready to give them up, without first being convinced of the advantages of a competitive product. Time will put everything in its place and show, whose approach is better, more efficient, more efficient. But today Alice asked, who will win Yandex or Sber, answers: that, who will put his soul. It's hard to disagree.


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3 years ago

“Gref's dreams of his own digital universe of the future”, creating a high-tech ecosystem – all this has nothing to do with the true intentions of Mr. Gref, namely: take advantage of its exclusive position in the market, strangle competitors and become a kind of monopoly monster in the field of digital services. And what, taking into account 90 millionth customer base of Sberbank, quite feasible

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