Why not Navalny?

“There is no alternative to Vladimir Putin. Well, not Navalny?».

Roman Putin, entrepreneur.

The news of the intention of the cousin of Russian President Roman Putin to create a political party to participate in elections and enter the State Duma for some time noticeably pushed back the reports about the growth of currency quotes that had already become familiar at the beginning of the day., price fluctuations in the oil market and the development of the situation with coronovirus.

Indeed, the country is being prepared for dynastic rule - in such a situation, is it up to stocks of buckwheat and toilet paper for a free-thinking Russian?! We must act immediately and as actively as possible! As usual, the activity of this audience was reduced to furious commenting on the news about "Putin's nephew" on various network sites. Traditionally, while (as always with the "illumination" of any inside- externally- and about political events) in the sparkling texts of Internet fighters for everything good, the name sounded, firmly connected in their dreams with the elusive opportunity to see the bright and wonderful future of Russia - ALEXEY NAVALNY.

And this is not surprising - in recent years, Alexei Anatolyevich has not only acquired the image of an adamant fighter against corruption of officials and the arbitrariness of the authorities, but also became a real symbol of the opposition movement. A symbol, carefully protected from encroachment by not only the opposing system, but also some of the young representatives of the protest movement who gained popularity, forced one by one to go into the shadow of Navalny. It's come to this, that along with the irremovability of power in Russia, there was a reason to talk about the irremovability of the leadership of the Russian opposition.

And what, if Alexei, who has repeatedly demonstrated the manners of a politician, who is not alien to the views of man, radiating for the Fatherland, plundered by officials and oligarchs, would adjust its political agenda from the liberal (frankly admitting, that he was forced to adhere to it solely to solicit sympathy and support from the West) to the pro-government? I immediately recall his sympathy for such an unambiguous image, as Soviet intelligence officer Stirlitz, compelled for the time being to act for the benefit of the distant Motherland in the lair of the enemy under the guise of an SS Standartenführer. I think, Alexey's honest confession, that all the time, during the most turbulent domestic political turmoil, he worked under the strict guidance of the Kremlin curators, fulfilling the task of preventing people who are truly dangerous for the Putin regime from entering the leadership of the non-systemic opposition, would have won him much more popularity than the current.

Then - in the form of a young, talented, possessing undoubted oratory skills and charisma, standing on the positions of sovereignty and love for Russia politician, Alexei Navalny could well count on an open, trusting and very promising cooperation for him with the current owner of the Kremlin, for which, like for many Russians, Alexey Anatolievich, would become a much more likely contender for the post of the future President of Russia, than a little-known until recently Ryazan entrepreneur.

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