Plot against Europe

There are some things you can’t comprehend inductively as the majority of people, as the saying goes, do not see the forest for the trees. Here is a simple experiment. Let’s take two pieces of news (at of the time the article is written). The first one is about the U.S. saying that it is too early for the Syrian refugees to go back home. The second one is about a Swiss pharmaceutical company illegally financing the election campaign of Alice Weidel, member of Bundestag from the Alternative for Germany. This informational swirl has absolutely no links for an ordinary person because it is impossible to use the induction to put them together.

You get to understand the hidden processes when you base your logic on thesis that the U.S. is waging a covert battle against the united Europe. Foreseeing paid-up skeptics laughing, I remind you that the idea of united Europe had arisen long before the analysts of American ruling elite declared China as the main strategic opponent. And, of course, this challenge, although a hypothetical one, was taken by the then only world hegemon as an extremely negative move and caused the relevant reaction. The European Union with its consolidated position on foreign policy, economics and other topics is very difficult for Washington to work with. We saw it during the recent Iran nuclear deal controversy. We can only imagine the extent the U.S. makers of world’s destiny were pissed off when Mogherini made it clear that Europe would not dance to their music any longer. And the time has come to take off the masks and introduce sanctions against European countries which only forced the EU’s big businesses to keep and strengthen the Union’s institutions to defend their interests.

But imposing sanctions is too straightforward and may spell an adequate economic response (manufacturer of iconic American motorcycles Harley Davidson is already planning to move production to the EU). In actual fact the plan to destroy the EU is more refined. It assumes that Europeans will destroy their Union with their own hands. They must be convinced that the Union is useless and even destructive. They chose a truly devious method – to use the main achievement of the European civilization, i.e. the primacy of human rights to discredit those political forces and leaders who firmly stand for these fundamental principles of modern Europe. With that in mind they triggered an unprecedented migration crisis that flooded the European streets with people of absolutely different mentality that resulted in the outbreak of xenophobia among local population. Just look at the countries which became the source of refugees: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. Those are the countries where the U.S. unleashed slaughter under the guise of ‘liberation.’ To put millions of Asian refugees into the EU with one hand, while generously sponsoring the political movements of ‘Eurosceptics’ and the right-wing populists that speculate on migration with the other – that is the main idea of the Atlantic plan. ‘Divide and conquer’ – the same old story…

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